Disney Teen Star Demi Lovato Caught Doing Cocaine On Video


Who love slutty cokewhore that chug alcohol like water? Remember when Demi Lovato went to rehab earlier last week and everyone was all like "it's for emotional problems." But I hint that was just a bullshit cover story by her reps and it was for a cocaine issue. Turns out I was right... She was at a party in North Richland Hills, Texas and HOLD ON TO YOUR FUCKING HAT! Was doing cocaine... Radar says there is a video being shopped around of Demi snorting her little Disney brains out at the party. Not only does Demi Lovato knock out bitch snitches and cut herself to quell the voices in her head, she also sucks up blow like a stripper and works cock like a cheap whore. Is there anything worse for the reputation of a teen Disney star than allegations of her doing cocaine and being a cock slut at parties? If so, please tell me. Radaronline report:
A friend who witnessed the 18-year-old do lines of coke at a party in North Richland Hills, Texas, told RadarOnline.com: "Demi was belligerent, being slutty and doing coke all over the house. The guy who hosted the party shot multiple videos of this and what I've seen with my eyes, Demi is screaming, 'F**k all of you, I'm famous, I don't care what any of you think of me the whole world loves me.' He shot her in the bathroom as she was finishing a line (of cocaine)." It is the video that will rock Disney and one of its biggest stars and if released publicly, will stun millions of fans around the world. In the footage, Lovato can be seen snorting the drug through a rolled up bill, according to the amateur cameraman who captured the images.

So she is not only fucking two older men, one directly involved in her career - probably her manager or a director with Disney or something... Anyway, now we see how it goes. A man working for Disney picks up a young girl with mental issues off the street and promises to make her a star, at the price of sex. The girl then falls into drug addiction as a result. In Demi case, all starting at 17-year-old. New York Daily News is now reporting:
Disney teen darling Demi Lovato was boozing and snorting cocaine like a rock star before she checked into a treatment center last week, a bombshell report reveals. "She was doing line after line like a pro - and she was 17 at the time," Texas college student Brian Payne told Life & Style magazine, on newsstands Wednesday. The 18-year-old Lovato's hard partying apparently continued right up to the point she checked into a treatment center last week, the magazine reports. "Demi's been on a tear lately. She'll chug booze straight from the bottle," an unnamed source close to Lovato told the glossy. "I just remember her doing it [cocaine] as if she had been doing it for a long time," Payne said. "It didn't seem like something new to her." Payne said he and the "Sunny With A Chance" star partied all night at the North Richmond Hills, Tex., house of a friend following a concert in Dallas. He said Lovato ended up getting cozy with their host, a friend named Dave who was later killed in a water sport accident. Friends told the magazine the untimely death and her breakup with Joe Jonas, 21, left Lovato heartbroken and fueled her heavy drinking.

Seems like she is covering her bases, we can only hope there will eventually be a coked up sex tape, to be released soon. And her sex life is going so well! Rumors are the 30-year-old actor and legendary womanizer Wilmer Valderrama has been also seeing Demi Lovato since May, which is funny because she didn't turn 18 until August. New York Post report.
Following a breakup with Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato clung to an older actor, Wilmer Valderrama. Before the Disney star entered a facility for "emotional and physical" issues, sources said Lovato, 18, introduced pals to the "That '70s Show" star as her boyfriend. Valderrama, 30, first connected with Lovato when they filmed a public-service spot together in Chile for earthquake relief in March, around the time she announced her relationship with Jonas. "The two started seeing each other in May right after her breakup with Jonas," a source on the tour said. "She would show us pictures of them together."

Another source said Valderrama has been a big part of Lovato's life leading right up to her decision to seek treatment. LOL... This chick is Lohan, the sequel! I hope Demi gets herself tested while she's in rehab because that Valderrama guy is one dirty dude.

Fat ass? Check. Daddy issues? Check. Violent temper? Check. Never ending quest for acceptance through making a cock happy? Check. Gets off on physical pain? Check. Becomes a slut around blow? Check. Is anyone surprised? As I explained, becoming a trainwrecked coke whore is what happens to young Hollywood starlets who get a job with Disney become child stars. The fact that Demi's fallen so far already -- remember, she's only 18 -- doesn't bode well for her future. Yes Lindsay Lohan did the exact same thing at that age, but she has something that Demi will never have: talent big tits. Wait, why is Lindsay in rehab again? We should definitely let her out. It doesn't seem fair. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato (born August 20, 1992 in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.) is an American actress and singer-songwriter. She is best known for her roles as Mitchie Torres in the Camp Rock movies and as Sonny Munroe in Sonny With a Chance. Lovato starred in the 2009 movie Princess Protection Program. Before Disney, she had one of the roles on Barney & Friends.

As a solo musical artist, Lovato released her debut album Don't Forget on September 23, 2008. The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 selling 89,000 copies in the first week. It has since sold over 473,000 records in the US. Lovato stated in an interview that the album was recorded in ten days. Lovato released her second album, Here We Go Again, on July 21, 2009. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 selling 108,000 copies in the first week. www.GutterUncensored.com


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