Jessica Lowndes Bares Her Big Cleavage For Chrysler


Here is Jessica Lowndes and her boobs attending an "Evening With Chrysler and Fiat" at Motor Village in L.A. on Tuesday.
And as you can clearly see, she must have recently gotten a new push-up bra because her boobies were up to her neck. I really don't know what bra size is Jessica Lowndes these days, but I sure want to check. Good to see our tax dollars hard at work paying celebrities to show up at an event with their boobs squished. The feds bailout Chryler and for some reason Fiat got management control for free and now the Fiat 500 is coming to America rebadged as Chryler 500. Because as we all know, there is nothing Americans love more than a car that is just a bit smaller than their refrigerators. I paid for those boobs to appear at this party thanks to U.S. gov't bailouts, so... you are welcome. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


Wiki Bio


Jessica Marie Lowndes (born November 8, 1988) is a Canadian actress and singer. She is best known for the role she currently plays as Adrianna Tate-Duncan in 90210.

Lowndes got her acting debut in the 2005 TV Movie, Saving Milly as Andrea Kondracke. This was followed by a guest role in an episode of Masters Of Horror, she was later cast in a recurring role on the sitcom Alice, I Think. She has since made guest appearances in Kyle XY. Her next film role was a supporting role in the Lifetime movie To Have and to Hold released in 2006, this was followed in 2007 by another TV Movie Pretty/Handsome.


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