The Archive Is Up And Will Be Shared With Fans Of GutterUncensored's Facebook Fan Page


Okay, the archive is up on a separate website.
The archive website will never be updated, it's just the archive going back three years. The link to the archive website will be shared on Monday or Tuesday via fan update on the Facebook fan page. The archive going back to 2007 will be only available to fans on Facebook and to those they decide to share it with.

You need to become a fan of the blog on Facebook to get the update with the link.
Please join (Like) the Gutter Uncensored fan page on Facebook at and feel free to leave a suggestion or ask a question about the blog there. Get the latest news on the Gutter Uncensored on the Facebook fan page. Over 32,000 Facebook fans can't be wrong!

When this blog move again after getting blocked, don't send us an email asking what happen and where you can view it again. The new location will be posted
on the Facebook page. Or try or to get redirected.

Here is something funny from the Facebook fan page... or at least I think it is funny. The link is and yes, these guys have way too much free time on their hands. Watch the video below:

Remember to
become a fan on Facebook to get the link to the archive!


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