Leah Dizon: Petite Amie bikini girl

I deleted my twitter account some time … last year?… and apparently someone made an account with the same name soon after, posing as me, which is cool and all, but too many people I know personally have been tricked into thinking it’s actually me, so I made a new account. 

So it seems that @leahdonnadizon1 was not actually Leah Dizon (the account has since been deactivated). This was a surprise to me since that account was announcing her blog entries, including the one that said the account was fake.

You can now follow Leah (or another impostor?) at her new Twitter account @lddizon.

In any case, this seemed like a good excuse to post some more Leah Dizon pics (after all, she was the primary inspiration for the creation of this blog), so after the jump is a large collection of photos from her 2006 photobook Petite Amie.

Click on a thumbnail to view the full-size image:



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